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Experience a combination of force-free, positive training and pure enjoyment of a Captivating Connection™ so you'll begin to cultivate YOUR unique heart-horse bond.

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Discover How To Strengthen The Bond You Have With Your Horse in Just 5 Minutes a Day!

Make your soul happy again with this fantastic (and free) downloadable guide of my Top 5 - 5 Minute Exercises that specifically help you & your horse begin to reconnect & communicate on a deeper level. 

All Are Welcome Here

No matter your background, experience level, and all that makes you unique; YOU have everything it takes to make those fantastic horse-dreams a reality. Life is too short to not enjoy your horse time!  

Have you ever felt deep down, "There is just something missing...But I don't know what it might be or where to start."

With all the confusion about how to build trust and connection with your horse, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and at a standstill as to what to do next. As a compassionate and life long horse owner - I understand what you're going through. 

The problem is, you need a roadmap to give you a clear path to follow.

How I can help you with your horse:

Rewarding + Positive

Discover how to train anything and solve behavior issues without force, tools or a round-pen. The best part? Your horse will become an eager, motivated partner who WANTS to join you, because you've created a genuine two-way respectful bond
Even if you've tried countless methods before and nothing seems to really make a difference.

Horse Centered Relationship

 Along this journey, we put the horse first and seek harmony, mutual cooperation, freedom of choice and a natural way of communicating through body language, to name a few!
Discover the transformational state of "being" that aligns with the horse's hard-wired instincts & fundamental way of learning, building connection & feeling safe so that you can accomplish anything together!

The Magic is Within YOU

Find out how to become the BEST version of yourself so that you can Mentor your horse to be the BEST version of themselves.
Become a master of your thoughts leaving stress & anxiety behind. Discover the tools you need to become grounded for deep energetic and emotional connection, strong in your physical body-awareness, & self-confident. Personal growth & transformation is fantastic and so rewarding, I promise you the magic is within you...it's just about polishing it up & letting it shine!

Helping People Thrive Within Their Horse Partnership, While Having Fun


Switching my training to positive reinforcement has changed my life and changed the world for my four legged friend! After adopting, he started displaying reactive behavior, I have so much more confidence and our communication and trust is literally better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for the work you do!

It's a total game changer!!

Katrina & Ralphie

Max story of solving a hard to catch problem

Now months later our 'hard to catch' problem is solved thanks to you!

When I first got my gelding, my impression was he's timid, stand offish, but had been a demon to catch, I barely saw his face always his butt, always gave me the cold shoulder...I tried everything, but he always ended up galloping away. I was at my wits end, I have big dreams but this one obstacle is standing in the way. I was out of ideas until I found you! I couldn't wait to try all of the exercises. With just trying two, I was able to first slip the halter over his nose! Then after a few more sessions, I am able to catch him now... He now runs to me when I walk out to the pasture. When I put him back he stands calmly and waits for me to leave. Now, months later the hard to catch problem is solved thanks to you!

Brittany & Max

I struggled with understanding the perfect approach for my horse and felt like we were at a complete stand still. Erica is so supportive with years of knowledge, full of compassion & I feel encouraged looking forward to the next lesson. I now have confidence in myself that I can provide the training that my horses needs. Training used to completely paralyze me and I couldn't find any resources that explained it for "regular" people to understand...until I found the Erica's courses. It is really just that SIMPLE! Erica breaks down all the once confusing terms into easy to understand and apply immediately. 

Cathy & Jewelle

Working With Horses Can Be Confusing & Frustrating

- It's not your fault -

  • Are you leaving the barn feeling like a failure, emotionally drained or even more tense or deflated than when you arrived?
  • Feeling frustrated and exhausted because you are putting in a lot of time and energy into training, but making little progress?
  • Have you lost the desire to go out and work with your horse, finding yourself coming up with excuses to NOT go to the barn? 
  • Have you lost the desire to go out and work with your horse, finding yourself coming up with excuses to NOT go to the barn? 
  • Do you feel like you're in a constant tug-of-war with your horse?
  • Ultimately feeling unfulfilled, like you are letting your horse down...and you know you could be doing better?

Stop feeling like you aren't 'good enough' to work with your horse and get the support you need to feel confident & connected.  

What's possible

LOVE this!!!

using force free horse training to build your horse's confidence

Downlowd Everyone's Fave Guide!

"My Top 5 - 5 min. Exercises to Strengthen the Bond With Your Horse"

  • Discover my top 5 exercises to begin strengthening the bond with your horse with step-by-step guide, tips along the way and pictures. 
  • Short on time? No problem! These exercises only take a few minutes each time, so fit them in as you can.
  • Set some awesome horse goals with the "Don't Just Dream It...Do It!"  worksheet. 
  • Discover how improving yourself  is *more* important than our it is for our horse, plus 3 key areas you can start to become the BEST version of you today!

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